As a member of your ministry team, we will partner with you to develop a comprehensive study of your community and explore opportunities for partnerships that will enhance the long-term growth of your church.

The vision planning process is the key element and cornerstone of every successful project. RMA understands the elements critical to vibrant growth and change. We can help you manage the process involved with growth. Once the path is chosen we can help you articulate this vision in a way that will build consensus and empower the congregation to become enthusiastic advocates of the dream.



If you are expanding at your current location or relocating to a new one, a site evaluation study will determine the full potential offered by the site. The site evaluation will provide insight on the following:


    Physical properties of the site
Building code and zoning issues
Constructability and associated cost
Building area and accessory use potential and
Area demographics and opportunities


Every project begins with a comprehensive assessment of your church’s needs. This step is vital in developing a solid foundation for the success of any building program. The collecting and organizing needs of your church are not limited to the physical requirements of design, but also establish tradition, priorities, schedule, future growth, asset management and affordability criteria. This step focuses on your church’s “DNA” so that we may design a building to match it.


Understanding current reality involves a sober estimate of your congregation’s capabilities. We can help your ministry team “count the costs” and develop a stewardship campaign that will help you realize the vision and build excitement toward a successful project.

Developing a master plan is critical in the growth planning of any church facility. It’s a road map to long term design success of your church. Your master plan is a product of your church's vision, and the result of ministry growth expectations, site evaluations, needs assessments and financial and budgetary analysis.

The interactive approach RMA provides in these areas is conducted through workshops with church staff and committees. Participation ensures a comprehensive approach to understanding both present and future needs of your church. This understanding is critical in providing successful master planning of design options for you to evaluate.

The planning phase of a project not only focuses on a master plan for the site, it also incorporates area demographics analysis, existing and future municipal land planning impacts, future land acquisition opportunities and growth trends.

The emphasis on “off-site” opportunities plays as an important role in establishing building site planning concepts. A thorough understanding of building site, the building program, phased priorities and the long range impact of “off-site” issues is required to realize the full potential of the site and building placement.


It is our philosophy that each project design stands on its own merits, based on the individual design parameters of our client. RMA’s design approach is a balance of the building site’s characteristics, present and future needs of our client, and the financial parameters of our client “affordability”.

With that in mind, our client is an integral part of our design team. With their understanding of their ministry goals and how their church functions, integrated with our expertise in creative design and problem-solving, we are able to work together producing innovative solutions particular to our client.


Our interiors staff is an integral part of our project design team, working closely with architects and client. RMA building design doesn’t end at the front door to a building. Interior color, texture, and light are as important to the design of a building as the exterior form and materials.

In addition, RMA’s attention to accessory detail, furnishings, and space composition should work in harmony with building design, space use, and client interest to compliment a total design composition.