RMA's goal is to make a contribution to society by encouraging the fundamental values of worship and education. We use the successful design and construction of religious and religious educational facilities as a vehicle to achieve these goals.


Client Focus - Understanding our clients' needs and providing services required to identify and meet those needs. "We know how to listen."

Quality design and construction - "Team Work" - The client is part of our design team. This team approach integrates the client's knowledge and understanding of their focus, direction and ministry along side our team's design, technical, and construction expertise.

Client Relations - RMA values the relationship that we build with our client throughout the creation and successful completion of the project and maintain that relationship "long term," many years after the project is completed.


Ron Mabry Architects is a full-service professional design practice composed of architects, planners, project managers, construction managers and interior designers with years of experience specializing in religious facility design.

RMA was established in 1981 and is a leader in the profession, with a reputation for innovative design. RMA has received design awards and publications on the local, state and national level. RMA began designing and specializing in religious facilities in 1991. Today, churches and religious facilities account for 95 percent of our firm’s work.

RMA provides the highest level of professional planning, architectural and management services, leading each client through the complex process of planning a facility while promoting congregational ownership. In RMA's experience, we have found that communication is an important part of our role in helping steer the design process. To that end, we provide educational and informative presentations for both church leadership and the congregation which we have found will help promote congregational confidence, assurance and commitment to the client's building program.

RMA's primary desire is to ensure that the client is a significant member of our team. By recognizing the client as a vital design-team member, RMA considers the client’s input in the project as a critical part of the design process. RMA's most important job is to listen to the client’s needs. Then, using our professional expertise, we are able to make the appropriate recommendations and ultimately guide the process along to successful project completion.

The goal of RMA is to help the client build a facility that embodies the values of its congregation, is fully supportive of its ministries, is within the budget guidelines, and, ultimately opens the doors of opportunity to more fully serve faith, family and community.

Rudy Bond

Lynn Hildreth

Rodney Johnson


What we really like and what impressed us was their presence with the committee demonstrated that they understood the church, they understand the dynamics in churches, and that was an important thing to us.

The other thing that really stuck out in comparison with other architects was that they are a full-package deal. They bring to the table both architectural skills and construction skills, and since they function closely with the builders, the Architect is not going to come up with a plan that after consulting with the builders you find isn't feasible. In addition, you're going to have a better up-front estimate of the building cost because the architect is working with the builder on a regular basis.

Scott Dornbush
Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church, Palestine, Texas



Sitting down with Brian and Ron, we began to create the caterpillar, the butterfly experience, the metamorphose, it just began to evolve, it was a work in progress basically. We had a lot of intricate details that was added even as the steel was going up. We modified some things. We could not have done that had we gone with another builder.

Rudy Bond
Senior Pastor
New Life Worship Center


Each step of the way if we had plans or ideas that could have been done a better way, they brought them to us. They're very good at helping you look far ahead and helping you make wise decisions.

Lynn Hildreth
Senior Pastor
Rose Heights Church of God, Longview, Texas








They are "out-of-the-box" thinkers in church design; experienced with building churches, knowing the latest, ever evolving trends and technology. They were able to identify areas that we had not taken into consideration.

Rodney Johnson
Deacon and building Committee Chairman
St. Johns Baptist Church, Texas



Our church is more than 150 years old so there was a lot of tradition and memories such as weddings, baptisms and funerals. Our old stained glass windows in this new building will bring those memories with us in a traditional look with new technology.

Kevin King
Senior Pastor
First United Methodist, Jacksonville


Kevin King

Scott Dornbush


As architects, RMA has been established since 1981, with an emphasis on religious and religious education facility design since 1991, coming at a time in history when the needs of both are so highly recognized as a cornerstone of our values as a civilized society.

By specializing in religious architecture, RMA has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in all components unique to church facility design, such as acoustical, sound, visual, lighting, and food service design.

By staying informed of cultural trends, we are able to ensure that our designs consider the needs of future generations of your congregation.

RMA's years of experience in working with building committees has taught us to listen to our clients, identify their needs, and successfully design and construct buildings that help the client achieve their goal of service to their congregation and their community.

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